The world is going through tough times, courtesy to COVID-19- we are stuck at home. Kids and students are particularly in trouble- their world is out there. So to ease-out this stalemate a little- we are opening up our courses to all. Learn a new craft and make something cool.

These hands-on crafts are equally enjoyable for professionals, makers and hobbyists.

C-programming for complete beginner:

This course teaches minimum basic fundamentals of C- programming language- needed for effectively understand and code Arduino. The purpose is to quickly enable our learners to understand the codes used, and tweak the codes as they like. Skip this if you already know coding.

Course Link : Fundamentals of C Programming 

Electronics and robotics (IoT beginner):

This course starts with fundamentals of electronics- IC’s, controllers, components, development boards and sensors. In the end we complete a few interesting projects using Arduino and various sensors. Suitable for kids as well.

Course Link : Electronics and IoT

Internet of Things (IoT intermediate):

This course goes right into the world of IoT- Internet of Things. The projects we build here communicate to the internet over WiFi. Things we build here talks to each other over Bluetooth in local area – to accomplish interesting stuff. We see home automation, remote controlled cars here.

Course Link : Internet of Things

Electronics and IoT courses normally need hardware kit- but given the situation- it is not mandatory. Learners might just go through the videos- and if they find something interesting and want to do hands-on, they can use the items they already have at hand or minimum materials can be bought locally or online. To buy full kit refer to the order links below.

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Electronic & Robotics (IoT Bees – Beginner Kit)
IoT Bees to Turks – Upgrade Kit
Internet of Things (IoT Turks – Intermediate Kit)
Upcoming sessions:

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Google meet link :

We know, you may get stuck at places- so we will be conducting weekly online sessions as well. Here the trainers will explain the concepts. In the end there will be Q&A and troubleshoot sessions.

This is our humble effort to make these tough days a little cheerful and enjoyable for all- with the little resources that we have. With these courses you will surely come out with a new virtue when the good old days are back again. Cheers.

** WishTree reserves the rights to close the courses anytime. But we hope to keep them open for the entire summer.

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