“WishTree” is a quick prototyping and PoC development board that enable makers to use all IoT connectivity options- WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE, LoRa and 2G on a single board. It can house both ESP12 and ESP32.

Product OptionsPayment
WishTree base board (includes ESP8266 + ESP32)
WishTree base board + GSM
WishTree base board + LoRa
WishTree base board + GSM + LoRa

WishTree helps numerous enterprises, engineers, innovators, hobbyist and advanced users to build and test any idea before serious money and effort is put in. Wish any use case, and build the MVP in just hours without much ado.

Use our cloud API and Dashboard services to deploy your solution in minutes

More videos, wiring schematics and code can be found in our YouTube channel

Notable features are as follows:

  • Credit card sized board (a little bigger in length actually)
  • Runs 5v and 3v3 on-board to connect all types of sensors and displays
  • Wired communication: I2C, URAT, micro-USB
  • Wireless communication: WiFi, BT, BLE, GSM, LoRa
  • Micro-amp level deep-sleep
  • Power connections: Screw terminals, USB
  • Powered by: AA-battery, LiPo with CC-CV charger, Mobile charger, Solar panel
  • On-board 1.5A MOSFET switch; Transistor switch and MOSFET driver
  • Coding through Arduino IDE
  • Free breadboard space
  • Replaceable IC’s.

Download wishTree-duo quick reference

Download wishTree-duo technical manual

Download schematic

Download API Documentation

Project examples and codes in Youtube

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